Who am I?

My name is Christian Roy and I have experience developing
Backend Application Developer using PHP, Ruby or Node.js and
RDBMS like MySQL or PostgreSQL with NoSQL like Redis. Currently,
my main interest is coding node.js or Ruby On Rails application
in a Cloud or serverless architecture. I have participated in
the development and/or maintenance of a wide variety of
business applications.
Particularly interested in Online Subscription Services
handled with a database driven website with relational database
design using Ruby On Rails or Node.js, Apache or Nginx and MySQL
or PostgreSQL server on Linux VMs or on a Kubernetes cluster.


One of the most powerful RDMBS out there!


Programming in Javascript for the service-side is flexible and powerful!


I successfully passed the Kubernetes Application Developer Certification in 2018.


Amazon Web Services have a very wide range of Cloud Solutions.


Google Cloud Platform offers solutions ideal for any kind of businesses.


Cheap and versatile, sometimes the best server is no server!

Information for Head Hunters

I am currently on a full time contract.
If you need help full time, I won't be available for a little while.
I am not looking for permanent position opportunities, only contracts.
For full time contracts, I am only interested in work
based in Downtown Montreal, on the north shore of Montreal
or Telecommuting work, nothing else unfortunatly.
I may be available for small contracts (~15 hours/week) that I do
on evening and weekends from my home. It all depends on my workload.
Feel free to contact me and ask :)
Please note that I am not interested in adult entertainment
industry nor the casino industry.