Zend CertificationMy name is Christian Roy and I have been doing PHP since 1998 and Drupal development since June 2007, full time. I am a Freelancer based in Canada and I think I can help you with your various Drupal projects. I am all by myself and fully dedicated to freelancing. I am the author and maintainer of the Drupal Module I18n Logo which allow users to upload different site logo for each languages. I am also the co-maintainer of the Drupal Module TQL which allows you to perform "google like" search by keyword of your taxonomy on your views.


My Skills and experience:

  • 11+ years in the field of web development
  • 2 years using Drupal full time
  • LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP): strong knowledge and experience
  • Zend Certified
  • CSS: I know enough to handle it, but this is not my main expertise.
  • Drupal 5 and 6 knowledge and experience with Various modules (Views, CCK, Panels, and many more)
  • I am the author and maintainer of the drupal contributed module I18n Logo
  • I co-maintain the drupal contributed module TQL
  • I have contributed patches for the upcoming Drupal 7
  • Strong module development experience
  • Not that strong theme development experience
  • Intermediary Javascript experience (jQuery)

I am a backend developer. An expert in PHP coding. I am not very strong in frontend (css, graphics, layout, presentation). I usually work with frontend/themer experts when I work on Web projects.

Location and Contact info:

  • Name: Christian Roy
  • Native Language: French
  • Second Language: English (Canada is bilingual)
  • North shore of Montreal, Quebec.