I am profiling too!

Earlier this year (march 2007) I went to the PHP Quebec Conference in Montreal where I met Rasmus Lerdorf. He gave a very interesting presentation where he talked about various things, including something called calgrin, xdebug and cachegrind. It seemed very interesting but I did not have the opportunity to try it. Until recently that is, now that my project is in beta in terms of features and that we need to tune it to increase performance. I saw this post and it reminded me of these tools.

I was able to find areas to focus for performance tuning. One area was some function that was rewriting a url before displaying it and another area was the rending of a small template that was repeating 20 times and taking a long time.

I recommend these tools for anyone that wants to make their PHP project faster and need to know where to start.

What are you using to tune-up your PHP application?

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