PHP Multi-threading project (server-client application)

PHP was built to be a web scripting language. It is not meant to be multi-threading as the web servers it runs on already handles the multi-threading and the server-client aspect. If you are thinking about working on a PHP project which involves multi-threading and server-client architecture, think about using the web server to handle that and using HTTP protocol.

I would recommend using another language (C, C++ or Java for example) to build a server-client application.

If, for technical reasons you cannot use another language and you cannot build your application on top of HTTP, then there are ways to do multi-threading but I would not count on the stability and performance.

Start here if you really want to try it out in PHP:


thanks a lot


It was very good article and thanks for tips. It helped me. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the tips!

Thanks for the PHP tips. I've just started programming with it, and I've got so much to learn. Sites like this are helpful.

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