Proposed Drupal Module : views_active_filters

This is a new module that I would like to contribute on Feel free to comment and download the source for review.

The views_active_filters, as its name suggests, only works with views. It allows you to narrow down what you are looking for by setting active filters on the view. The first version of this module will only support taxonomy terms but I plan to also include support for content_type as well (in a separate module). Other modules could in turn provide new active filters. To set an active filter, you click on one of the taxonomy terms present on the view you are looking at (from a tag cloud or from the links of the node) and it will automatically alter the views query and filter the list of nodes to include only those which have this term. If I click on another term, it will include only the nodes that have both terms. The alteration of the query does an AND with all the active filters. The more active filters added, the less results you will get in the list of nodes.

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