Ruby/God/Dash and undead processes.

I have a god script that starts a process that I want to run.

My god config file contained:

God.watch do |w|
  w.name = "foobar"
  w.start = "rails runner 'SomeClass.SomeMethod'"

When god starts this, it starts TWO processes:

    sh -c rails runner "SomeClass.SomeMethod"

    rails runner "SomeClass.SomeMethod"

Help! Something is broken...

When you have access to a unix server and someone asks for help and you do not know about all the possible log files that exists, here is a command that will show you ALL opened file for append or write.

ulimit -n 9999 # In case there is more than 1024 files!
tail -vF $(/usr/bin/lsof -n | egrep -i '[[:digit:]]+(u|w).*reg' | awk '{print $9}')

Thanks Marius! :)

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