Oh, Smarty!

Smarty is more popular than I thought. I wish I had learned about it sooner. The powers of plugins is just great! I worked on a few projects that I've found on RentACoder and a few of them were using Smarty. I think it's a great template engine. You should really consider it!


If you need rapid prototyping, this is one of the absolute must. It will build a n HTML_QuickForm object which allow you to quickly access your database tables using forms. I am using it in my web framework that I am develping to be used for our various in-house projects we are going to be developping.
Documentation on the form builder can be found here:


I've found a Unified payment processor for e-commerce solutions. It's still in Beta and only support about 5 payment gateway, but the core principale is sound. I've already started working on a ChasePaymentech driver as a contribution to the Payment_Process PEAR package.

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